TPRS Movie Talk

Do-it-yourself Movie Talk NTPRS15

Do-it-yourself Movie Talk NTPRS15

Message for the Do-it-yourself Movie Talk workshop session with embedded readings NTPRS15: from the 30th of July I’ll upload your lessons to this site. Thank you so much for sending your lessons and for working together! It was a great experience!

The template for the Movie Talk lesson with embedded readings can be found here.

Do it yourself Movie Talk, NTPRS15

Do it yourself Movie Talk, NTPRS15

If you’re familiar with WordPress and you’d like to send Movie Talk lessons, please send me your email address ( and I’ll make you an author and you’ll be able to manage your own contributions. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, please send me your lesson and I’ll upload it for you.

At this site you can find material for teaching world languages with the help of (short) movies, with or without speech. Asley Hastings developed the method of Movie Talk. Like Blaine Ray who developed TPRS, Asley Hastings based himself a.o. on Stephen Krashen, whose work first led him to comprehend the necessity and power of comprehensible input.

Ashley Hastings

Ashley Hastings

Some history
From the site :
If you want to know everything about the traditional way of using the original Movie Talk techniques: go to the site of Ashley Hastings where he explains Movie Talk and it’s techniques. But also : how to choose a film, how to prepare & do the lessons. At his site he writes: “Although the name “MovieTalk” has only recently been applied to a certain technique of working with movies to teach a second language, the technique itself has been in constant use in English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL) programs for over twenty years. (…) MovieTalk was developed as an essential teaching technique for the FOCAL SKILLS Approach to language instruction. In a FOCAL SKILLS program, students with listening comprehension below the intermediate level are placed in a full-time “Listening Module,” where class time is devoted exclusively to improving the students’ listening comprehension. Students in such a program do not move on to work on other language skill areas (reading, writing, etc.) until their listening proficiency has reached the intermediate level.”

Picture of Mr. Hastings is from the website:

This site, TPRS Movie Talk, is devoted to short (animated) movies and commercials in several languages. If the language you’re interested in is not represented, please contact us!


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